Monday, June 2, 2014


Our newest release, A SHADOW CAST IN DUST by Ben Johnson is now available in paperback and ebook formats!

The ancient order of the web spinners is changing. An old friend returns brandishing a curious silver knife, and Stewart Zanderson is drawn into a strange world of wonder and deceit. The ensuing bloody scene sets Detective Clementine Figgins on his tail, and into a case she could never explain. But the boy, escaped from the dreaded warehouse, now has the knife. And running from his captors through the canyons of San Diego with his new friends and special dog, he ties everything together. People fight. Some die. The ancient order will change, but who will rise when the dust settles?
Available in paperback and all ebook formats. Buy it at Amazon.

Walking Shadow review from

"Walking Shadow is an excellent first novel."

Another great review for Walking Shadow by Clifford Royal Johns. If you like your sci fi with a heaping dose of noir, set in Chicago, paying homage to greats like Philip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler, this is for you. But don't take our word for it, check out the review here:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A PACK OF WOLVES, Limited Signed Hardback by Eric S. Brown

The entire Pack of Wolves trilogy--including the brand new 3rd novella--in one LIMITED HARDCOVER SIGNED by Eric S. Brown. Only 100 copies available. On sale now! 

For the first and only time, all the Pack of Wolves novellas, including the previously unpublished 3rd book, are collected into one hardcase edition signed by Eric S. Brown. Only 100 of these are available so order now!

If you do not have a paypal account we also accept money orders. Please Contact Grand Mal Press for the address. It is adviseable to get a tracking number for your money order as well.
Click the link to buy.

The "Family" kills folks for a living. They take the jobs that no one else can survive. They're the best at bringing death, as well as defeating it. Now, one of them has gone rogue and it's up to The Family to hunt down one of their own before he brings about the end of the world and exposes the secret existence of werewolves. It's horror and adventure Old West Style with blazing guns, stampeding horses, flying fists, and werewolves galore.

A century later, the Farr family continues to thrive. A new generation of wolves walks the Earth with Zed as their leader. From the depths of space arrives an army of aliens with superior technology and a massive power-armored force of troops. Their goal: To take the Earth and make it their own. Now only the Farr family and their allies in the world of the supernatural can save the human race from being utterly destroyed. It's werewolves vs. aliens in this action-filled tale of war and interplanetary conquest.

A PACK OF WOLVES 3: DEMON DEAD The wolves are back to stop a new menace, a dark demon bent on destroying humanity. Only this family of anti heroes can defeat it, if they can work together and pool their powers. They've battled strange beings before, but none stranger than this. With new tricks up their sleeves, the Pack will find that their greatest foe might be the devil himself.

"Brown delivers exactly what he promises, with a storyteller's heart--unless some creature ate it first." - Scott Nicholson, author of They Hunger.

"A Pack of Wolves is a must-get for any horror fan's collection!" - Horror Fiction Review 

"Eric S. Brown's writings are like a fistfight on the street: fast, cruel, and bloody." - Bowie V. Ibarra, author of Down the Road

Eric S. Brown is the author of several notable books including Bigfoot War, Last Stand in a Dead Land, War of the Worlds with Blood, Guts and Zombies, Season of Rot, and many other top-selling titles.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS now out in audiobook format!

THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS by R. Thomas Riley & Roy C. Booth.

Narrated by Alfred Clermont

It's the eve of the "ripening" as Gibson Blount discovers the secret history of an ancient race and the true outcome of Lucifer's fall. Now, the fallen angel, Azazel, has horrific plans for Blount's town...and the world.

With the help of a local priest, a prostitute, an orphan, historical figure William Quantrill, and one of God's chief angels, Blount must dig for truth and unearth secrets woven deeply within Time itself to uncover a supernatural plot put into motion by the church to punish the Roanoke Puritans. The war in Heaven has been lost and the flesh of fallen angels hangs in the balance.

An alternative 1860s' history weird Western, The Flesh of Fallen Angels is filled with fast-paced action, intrigue, and good-versus-evil what-ifs.

Buy it here: The Flesh of Fallen Angels audiobook

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Free on Kindle today!

Last day for this free kindle book. MALCONTENTS by Gregory L. Norris, David T. Wilbanks, Randy Chandler and Ryan C. Thomas. 

Four thrilling, disturbing novellas by Randy Chandler, Gregory L. Norris, Ryan C. Thomas, and David T. Wilbanks. An unfortunate prostitute joins a freak show to get away from her sordid past only to find that death follows her everywhere. A cooking show host is targeted by a jealous chef who wields a sharp blade and a supernatural grudge. A family man is given a choice by a deadly stranger to decide between love or survival. A former lover enlists the help of a shaman to find his kidnapped girlfriend in a land of mystical demons and gods.

"This book doesn't mess around. It pulls you screaming into the darkness and keeps you there!" -Eric S. Brown, author of Bigfoot War

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SORCERER coming soon!


The year is 1584. The alchemist John Dee has turned to forbidden magic. In partnership with a visionary rogue, an ex-nun and a court beauty, he's fled across Europe, dogged by the Inquisition and a relentless assassin. Finally, Dee's magic seems to yield fruit. Angels (or are they demons?) promise to reveal the secret of transmuting lead into gold. There is only one hitch: Dee and his companions must first commit an unforgivable sin. Based on real-life diaries and historical accounts, Sorcerer recreates a world of death, sex and politics where everyone believes that both that magic is real and that otherworldly beings can be summoned at will.

"A cinematic blend of history and magic." - David Rotman, producer of DragonHeart and Cliffhanger 

"An entertaining story." -Benjamin Woolley, author of The Queen's Conjuror 

"An intricate tapestry of the historical and the alchemical that casts an authentic spell over the reader. A vivid tale vigorously told, it may bring visions upon you!" - Ramsey Campbell, Lifetime President, British Fantasy Society


Friday, November 9, 2012

The official trailer for the film World War Z has hit the web. Take a look and tell us what you think.